Nextdoor // April-May 2021


On the 22 April 2021, I posted a message to the “Nextdoor” website;


Hi neigbours,

I am a university student studying MFA Photography (master of fine arts). I am working on a project.

I won’t bore you with the academic details about concept, but broadly .. I am focusing on the representation of “ordinary” people – old, young, male, female, blah blah to show the diversity of our community.

What does it involve? I will come to your chosen location (house, garden, workplace – the location is totally up to you). I will ask a few questions and then make a few photographs.

Once edited I will give you the pictures to do with as you please.

I may then submit the images as part of my university project.

If you have got this far and are thinking “no one would want to look at a photograph of me im way too ordinary” you are exactly the subject I am searching for.

Please don’t be shy, I am easy to work with and if you would like to take part, send a message.


Simon Peter Green


This work represents a sample of people who live in the community of Test Valley, Hampshire, UK.

This work represents the state of the Nation.

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