New Vibes DJ Sound System
29 November 2019

The position of photographer as insider or outsider runs throughout the discussion around representation and influences much photographic practice. Throughout this work, as both an insider and an outsider, I am representing New Vibes DJ Sound System.

“The audience as community has come to depend on the performer’s skills, and on the force of a personal style, to articulate it’s common values and interpret its experiences.” – Stuart Hall

“New Vibes are passionate about making the nightlife in Coventry more inclusive. We are fighting for our right to party. Bringing people together through the power of sound…one beat at a time.” – Fight For Your Right To Party

new vibes dj sound system: dj 9 lives, dj pharrell, dj joey b, dj new vibes, dj psycho hob goblin, dj mance

thanks: grapevine, fight for your right to party, melissa smith, sophie greener, mel smith, paul and staff at drapers bar, gary and staff at jj’s nightclub, coventry city of culture 2021, coventry university