This page shows single photographs that don’t fit into a series.

Swimmers / Penzance, December 2021

The sea was playful and raw but accepting of the caressing nature of the last rays of the winter sun, as was I.

She whispered ‘you are welcome here but don’t stay long’.

I understood.

No lingering, a quick dip and then a sharp exit.

My hands diving to fish out the comfort of my towel as the shivers and tingling began.

Mel Smith

Anonymous / Imber, May 2023

This anonymous man was recently an inmate at HM Prison Erlestoke.

The prison wings were named after notable locations around Wiltshire and include Imber, Marborough, Alfred, Sarum, Silbury, Silbury A (downstairs), Silbury A (upstairs), Silbury B, Wessex and Wren.

Avebury and Kennet no longer exist.

This is a work in progress.

The intention is to show the actual locations of the prison wings and publish this information so that the current inmates may relate to them.

The Kenwood Stone / Chute Causeway, May 2021

I was once puzzling over the markings when a native came up and asked me if I knew that they were. I confessed my ignorance.

His answer was “If you was a doctor you’d know ’tis the entrails of a man.”

He also told me how the holes were made when someone tried to fix ropes to the stone and move it, ‘but the horses fell down dead,’

A shepherd informed me that the stone was called the “Devil’s Waistcoat.”

Tyrannosaurus Rex / Andover, November 2020

The boy tried to shoo the T-Rex away, but it wouldn’t budge. The T-Rex just kept licking its lips and looking at the pizza.

The boy didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to get his shirt dirty, but he also didn’t want to give up his pizza.

Sherrie Edgar / London, July 2023

An artist protests about gatekeeping in British institutions.

Made at Somerset House, London.

Reggie Betteridge U6 Defender / Andover, December 2022

New Street FC was established in the 1890s as St Mary’s Youth by the vicar of St Mary’s Church, before being renamed New Street in 1895.