Post Boxes of Blue Ribbon Island // April 2018

A post digital re-mix of “Remote Scottish Postboxes” by Martin Parr.

Analogue: The material is contained in a red box as postcards which spotlight every post box in CV6, Coventry. There is a brochure of street addresses, including latitude and longitude. There is a full colour map showing post box locations. The items are bundled with blue ribbon which I bought at Coventry Indoor Market.

Digital: We begin on the edge of the earths atmosphere and free fall towards CV6. Flying above the geotagged post boxes awe land at my apartment. From there we take a bicycle journey to the nearest post box where I post a single picture from this work to the Martin Parr Foundation. Then we visit each post box in CV6. The audio was made using iPhone apps which I played “live” over the visual sequence.

Installation: The work was presented as a multi media installation at the Great Heath Sub Post Office, Foleshill Rd, CV6

Thank you: Mathew Sommerville, Great Heath Sub Post Office, The Royal Mail.

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