Post Boxes of Blue Ribbon Island // April 2018

A post digital re-mix of “Remote Scottish Postboxes” by Martin Parr.


The material is contained in a box as postcards which spotlight every post box in CV6, Coventry. There is a brochure of street addresses, latitude and longitude. There is a full colour map showing locations. The items are bundled with blue ribbon which I bought at Coventry Indoor Market.


We begin on the edge of the earths atmosphere and free fall towards CV6. We fly over the geotagged post boxes and land at my apartment. From there we take a bicycle journey to the nearest post box where I post a single picture from this work to the Martin Parr Foundation. Then we visit each post box in CV6. The audio was made using iPhone apps which I played “live” over the visual sequence.


This work was presented as a multi media installation at the Great Heath Sub Post Office, Foleshill Rd, CV6

Thank you: Mathew Sommerville, Great Heath Sub Post Office, The Royal Mail.

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