New Vibes // Oct 2019 -July 2020

The position of photographer as insider or outsider runs through any discussion around representation and influences much photographic practice.

The intention of this work is to represent a group of DJ’s and photographers who organise and contribute to entertaining multi-media events in and around Coventry. As a photographer, I represent New Vibes DJ Sound System and Visuals as both an insider and outsider.

“I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty.” – Gordon Parks

“The audience as community has come to depend on the performer’s skills, and on the force of a personal style, to articulate it’s common values and interpret its experiences.” – Stuart Hall

New Vibes DJ Sound System:      

                             DJ 9Lives
                             DJ Mance
                             DJ Psycho Hob Goblin
                             DJ Pharrell
                             DJ New Vibes
                             DJ Joey B

New Vibes Visuals:

                           Simon Watton
                           Tracy Villiers
                           Amanda Thomas
                           Jake Woodward
                           Samantha Jayne Morris 
                           Bengy Speer

Thank you: Grapevine, Fight For Your Right To Party, Melissa Smith, Sophie Greener, Mel Smith, Paul and staff at Drapers Bar, Gary and staff at JJ’s nightclub, Coventry Market, Coventry University, Coventry City Of Culture 2021, Jenny Baldwin, Emma Hadwin, Alan Van Wijgerden, Sherrie Edgar.

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