Un_asked is a multi-media photography show.

We celebrate photography. We platform photographers based in the UK. We appear irregularly in online spaces, galleries, museums, discos, coffee bars, festivals and fields.

We take photography to a wider audience by building a warm social space that falls between known and unknown worlds.

Un_asked is simply its own thing.

The contributing artists fully support Un_asked and have given permission to showcase their photographs at events and in propaganda material.

Anna Fox

Karen Knorr

Sunil Gupta

Andrew Jackson

Joanne Coates

Thom Bridge

Anthony Luvera

Jim Mortram

Alys Tomlinson

Peter Dench

Sian Bonnell

Jess Hurd

Jodie Bateman

Rob Bremner

Fion Hung Chin Yang

Matt Hind

Lucy Agius

Xuesheng Ma

Simon Peter Green

Manchester, UK
Bracknell, UK
Arles, France
Farnham, UK